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Checking the Work

There are strict quality control tests at all stages of hand making. Cigars than fails will never become Habanos.

Quality Control

The Torcedores are organised in brigades' of 30 to 40, supervised by a top-grade Torcedor who moves among them as they work. He watches their technique and checks the measurements of the cigars they are making.


Samples of each Torcedor's work are then checked again on the following day, for length, shape, girth, appearance and, above all, weight.


If strict tolerances are not met the cigars are rejected - a serious matter for the Torcedors who are all paid on piecework.

In addition, three or four times per month cigars from each Torcedor are taken apart to verify their internal construction.


The very latest quality control technique is a machine that checks the draw of the bunch by suction. The test takes place after the bunch has been pressed in the mould and before the wrapper is added.

It was first introduced at the end of 2001 and is now widely used.

Tasting the Result

Every factory has its team of cigar tasters - the Catadores - who meet every day to smoke sample cigars and score them according to a six-point quality checklist: how well they draw, how well they burn, aroma, flavour, strength and quality overall. The Catadores sample 3-5 different cigars at each sitting, drinking cold, sweet mint tea between each cigar.

When a factory first takes on the production of a particular Habano brand, a team from the National Commission for Tasting checks the work. This is a blind tasting (only the head of the commission knows the identity of the brand) and it relies entirely on the tasters' expert personal judgement. If any deviation from the normal character of the brand is detected, the commission will suggest adjustments to the blend

Time to Rest


Between making and packing, the cigars are taken to the conditioning room or Escaparate. Here in cedar-lined cabinets, they are left to rest while they shed the excess moisture that was gained in the rolling process.

After a week the cigars become smokeable but the longer they stay here the better. Conditions are strictly maintained at between 16 and 18°C and 65 to 70 percent relative humidity, noticeably cooler and drier than the ambient Cuban climate.

The Escaparate is often referred to as the Treasury. It is here that the true wealth of the factory is stored.

How a Habano is Made
Time has done its work, and the leaf is ready at last to play...

Methods of Making
All but a small number of Habanos are made totally by hand...

Checking the Work
There are strict quality control tests at all stages of hand making.
Looking Good
No product on earth enjoys a more painstaking treatment in its presentation...

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